Summer flew by, the fall is already ending, and with them the wedding season is coming to an end. There will be more winter options, but they are much smaller. We will talk about this in the next article, and today we’ll tell you a little about how we completed the registrations for our promotion.

First, we met wonderful couples from different parts of the world.

Secondly, they were very pleased, and this is confirmed by the photos

thirdly, we liked this idea and we decided to continue next year

Initially, we had a certain offer, which included: an arch, a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere and one composition per table for registration. As a rule, it is the basis of any design. In addition, there are compositions on the tables for guests, a table for newlyweds, bracelets, wreaths for bridesmaids and boutonnieres for the groom's friends.

But we were guided by the wishes of the customer and excluded unnecessary options or replaced them with the necessary ones. For example, in one design the bride really wanted to put a real wooden barrel of wine instead of a table for registration and we did it. In another case, a pair of voosche abandoned the arch in favor of a photozone from the chalk board. Someone certainly wants to go on the carpet, showered with rose petals. In general, despite the fact that we had a specific proposal for the action, we easily transformed it into each newlyweds.

Our task is to listen to the customer and fulfill 100% of his wishes. We can safely say that we succeeded!

See photos on our website, in instagramm or write to us in a convenient way. Book your dates! Wedding decoration in Georgia for $ 400 is real! Really beautiful! Really with!