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Return Policy

The relationship between the Buyer and the Seller applies the rule that cut flowers and potted plants are
not subject to exchange and return. The buyer has the right to refuse to receive the goods at the time of delivery if the goods are delivered
of inadequate quality: stale flowers,
inaccurate bouquet assembly, obvious mismatch of the photo bouquet on the site (if the bouquet was ordered
without changes). In case of delivery
of goods of inadequate quality, we will collect and deliver you a new bouquet or refund.

Refund Terms

In case of payment for the order without prior confirmation, as well as in the absence of the constituent components in the salon on the date of the order, you can cancel the payment made and return the money within THREE HOURS FROM THE MOMENT OF ORDER
During the processing of the order, we will contact you. However,
if for some reason this did not happen, please call or write to the salon yourself.

If you need to return the payment after the agreed cancellation of the order on the next calendar day 
after placing the order or later, the transfer of money back by the bank back to the customer’s card can
take up to 40 business days. In this case, the bank may charge a fee in accordance with the internal
service tariff.
Refunds are made before we begin to collect your bouquet. If the bouquet is assembled but not delivered, 
when you cancel the order on your initiative, a refund is not made.

If you get goods of inadequate quality, stale or spoiled during transportation 
(for example, bursting balloons, broken bottles of wine), then at your option, we will replace this product
for an equivalent or refund the amount of damaged goods in cash (only in GEL)