For unexperienced flower shoppers its very hard to determine if a flower is fresh or not

Down below we will provide ways for you to confirm the freshness of any bouquets.

The Buds.
Its preferable to chose flowers without fully opened buds. A flower with an opened bud will die significantly faster.
One of the best ways to determine the freshness of a rose is to look at its outer layer. It’s made of the thickest and roughest petals. However sometimes they are removed for esthetic reasons which doesn’t mean the rose isn’t fresh

Plants not of the “first freshness” have weaker petals that might fall off from a gentle touch. If you carefully bend a petal of a fresh flower it will spring back and assume its previous form.

Flower stems must not be overly dry.

Often less trustworthy vendors will try to conceal defectiveness of the flowers by overpackaging them without your request.

 Artificial decoration on the flower’s bud.
Any excessive decorations you didn’t order are likely a way to divert attention from the flowers themselves.  

It’s quite obvious that the majority of our flowers are grown outside Georgia. Which means they have to travel quite far to reach the consumers. This transport usually takes between 1 and 3 days. For that duration the flowers are refrigerated. If they travel by air they are sealed without water. When the flowers reach us, we cut them and refrigerate them with water. The water is supplemented with “Crysal” an additive that keeps the water clear for longer. Which of course helps our flowers stay fresh. strictly controls storage and handling of our flowers. You never have to worry about defective products when ordering from us.