Giving flowers to teachers has become a good tradition, and it is especially pleasant to go with beautiful bouquets on the first school day. There are some tips and "rules" which bouquets and who should give.

For example, it is better for a first grader not to buy gladioli or lily; they are very large and it is difficult for a child to carry them and stand during the ruler. In addition, lilies have a sharp smell and can cause an allergic reaction.

A high school student can choose a volumetric bouquet from exotic flowers and even a vertical bouquet will look appropriate in the hands of an almost adult person.

Young teachers should give bouquets of delicate, light shades, permissible flowers in buds. But older teachers are better to present large flowers of rich shades.

Any bouquet must be beautifully packaged. But! Packages should always be smaller than colors. It may be just a satin ribbon or paper of neutral colors. Try to avoid film and foil. It is advisable when looking to look at the stems and leaves, as they give out the freshness of the flower.

It should be understood that the height of the bouquet in this case should be convenient for storage in school conditions. It is unlikely that in each class there is a vase for eighty centimeter roses.

In any case, the bouquet should be "safe" for your child. In no case can not add to the bouquets of pencils and rulers or other decorations!

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